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Friday, September 08, 2006

Model Call Portland Fashion Week

Men and Women
Minors- Please bring parent or guradian.
Ladies-Please bring heels.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Handmade Bazaar!

The Bazaar happens Saturday & Sunday Noon to 5:00 at ACME. Please help spread the word and support this fantastic event and all the talented crafters in our fair city! Kicklet Kreations will be there Saturday the 26th!Summer Handmade Bazaar 2006Buy / Sell / TradeCrafts, Music, Food and Fun!Saturday, August 26th & Sunday, August 27th@ AcmeSE 8th and MainPortland, OregonSale runs from 12 PM - 5 PM each dayMusic by: dizzystarhouse, DJ Azmotronic, DJ Beyonda, and M.Billy

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Needle and Thread Show!

Fashionista, photographer, and MOM, Nina S. has scheduled her Needle and Thread Fashion Show for the North Valley wine country in LaFayette. Shopping, wine tasting, and FASHION is on the itinerary!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

City Hall Fashion Show... It's a wrap!

Esmeralda Roth Modeling Saffrona and Nora Catherine Jewelry.
City Commissioner Sam Adams intoduces Mayor Tom Potter while Marjorie Skinner of The Portland Mercury, and Marie Saturn of Saturn Style Studio look on.

This is how Portland fashion should be! Inspired designers, serious modeling talent, an appreciative audience, and City Hall all coming together to produce the 1st ever fashion show from City Hall, and a sustainable/green fashion show at that! Portland IS the MOST sustainable city in the entire USA ya know!

Anna Cohen, who needs no further introduction debuted her spring 2007 line, while Saffrona unveiled their hand dyed and spun 100% silk gowns that every lady attending would have died for!

DoubleCross Belt Co., and Flood clothing showed what reconstructed really means in their spring 2007 lines, and Nora Catherine and Akiva jewelry kept the audience guessing as to what bling would next appear adorning the models.

The eclectic group of tourists, businessmen, fashionistas, passers by, industry insiders, and serious fashion show groupies turned out en mass for this free to the public event, with a last count of nearly 400 people thronging the court yard, side walks, and grassy areas to glimpse a view.

Here are a few links and comments for further edification.

Pete Springer of OPB said..."Amid flashing cameras and techno music, models exhibited clothing made of materials that are easy to grow, including bamboo and hemp. For the rest of the story....

From Local News Daily........

And of course the incomparable Marjorie Skinner of The Portland Mercury said......

Nina S. of has posted all the pictures!

SEMPER Fashion is proud to support Sarah Symons and T.E.N.S. in their work fighting against slavery. So much so in fact that DoubleCross Belt Co., and SEMPER Fashion will sponsor a T.E.N.S. fashion show as part of the upcoming Portland Fashion Week 2006. See for details! And please read below for how YOU can help!

*** For Immediate Release ****
Justice-Driven Business Fights Slavery with Economic Empowerment
Contact: Sarah Symons 800-831-6089
The Emancipation Network (TEN) is a national abolitionist organization fighting the human rights emergency of human trafficking – the modern practice of slavery. TEN operates by buying handicraft products made by survivors of trafficking around the world, and selling them at home and community-based Awareness parties across the US, and at our web store, raising awareness of this human rights crisis among Americans at the same time. TEN has been called the ‘Social Justice Tupperware’..
TEN sends profits from the sale of these handicrafts back to Nepal, Cambodia, India Thailand, and Latin America, where the funds pay salaries for the survivors and high risk girls making the handicrafts, as well as contributing to the trafficking prevention and rescue work being done by TEN’s partner organizations and survivors themselves.
Over the past year, TEN has built a network of hundreds of volunteers across America who are spreading the word about human trafficking, and efforts being made to end it.
Providing Financial Independence and Empowerment
South Asia and Southeast Asia are two regions of the world with the most severe sex trafficking problems. The target age for girls sold into brothels in this region is 11 to 14 years old. If these girls are fortunate enough to escape or be rescued from brothels, it is extremely difficult for them to reintegrate into society due to discrimination, lack of education or skills, and the physical and emotional damage resulting from years of exploitation.
TEN’s partner organizations overseas provide trafficking survivors with a safe place to live and a full range of support services to help them heal and reintegrate, including job training and income-generating opportunities.
However, in order to become self-sufficient, survivors and high risk girls need markets for the products they create. This is where TEN comes into the picture. TEN’s purchase of these products contributes to the ongoing self-sufficiency of the survivors who make them. The funds which have been invested also support the trafficking prevention and rescue efforts of our provider groups.
Trafficking Prevention:
TEN addresses one of the primary difficulties in stopping trafficking – the fact that the areas that the girls are taken from often have depressed economies and few employment options to "compete" with the profits of trafficking. TEN is a source of economic opportunity for young women in areas vulnerable to trafficking.
Sarah Symons, TEN’s Founder and Director, became involved in the cause after seeing a documentary at a film festival in Tribeca, NYC in 2002. Sarah, who is a musician and composer, had written a song for a film which was featured in the festival. While at the festival Sarah decided to see another film, "The Day my God Died", by Andrew Levine, a documentary on human trafficking. At first she thought "this is too heavy a subject for this occasion" and thought she really didn’t need to see this film on the subject of slavery, kidnapping and forced prostitution. But she decided to go, and in fact was so moved by this film, and by the Underground Railroad that survivors in the film had created, she decided to dedicate her life to helping fight slavery.
Having previously worked in NYC with homeless and sexually abused kids, Sarah was no newcomer to the issue of child sexual exploitation, with the growing demand for teens and younger kids out on the street.
Finding a Way to Help
In 2002, Sarah was living on Cape Cod with 2 small children, a husband and a Labrador retriever. Wanting to become involved in the struggle to end trafficking, she began by volunteering in the US for Maiti Nepal, an anti-trafficking organization based in Kathmandu. A year later she was invited to visit the group in Nepal. After talking to the group’s director about the need for self sufficiency for the survivors, she saw the beautiful handicraft products survivors were making and put the two ideas together to create TEN.
Sarah purchased a few of the handicrafts and asked friends in the US if they thought people would purchase these beautiful goods. The friends were very impressed with the quality and originality of the goods. After a year of planning and passionately enlisting friends and volunteers, Sarah went back to Asia in March 2005 and bought $10,000 of purses, jewelry, home décor and handmade paper products. In the first year of operations, TEN has sent 10 times that amount back to Asia in the form of purchase orders and donations.
Why Home Parties?
Since trafficking for sexual exploitation is such a sensitive issue, Sarah felt that home parties were the perfect venue to present the issue on a personal level, breaking it down for people and balancing the tragedy with more positive aspects – giving people a way to become involved by buying goods or volunteering to have their own parties. Sarah explains "It is really just about getting people in the door and making them aware of the situation…bringing it to people in a comfortable atmosphere with wine, cheese, and friends"
One Girl at a Time
According to Sarah, "Since returning from my most recent trip to India (March 2006), I have shown slides from the trip and shared my experiences for several groups. Each time I am amazed, and audience members are amazed, by the faces of the children and young women in the photos. Their faces are smiling and full of hope. Their eyes are shining with possibility. They are visibly excited to be in school or to be working in a handicrafts program. Even in what seems like extremely difficult circumstances, even in the red light district school, even living on a train platform or in a shelter for trafficking survivors, they have not given up on themselves. They are not paralyzed by the enormity of the problem of trafficking. They cannot afford apathy or despair. And neither can we".
"The next time someone shrugs their shoulders and says to me ‘but you guys are only helping a few thousand girls – what about the other millions of girls?’, I am going to have to pull out some of these photos and set them straight. One child at a time, one woman at a time. That is how we are working to fight slavery. There is certainly a place for larger social and political initiatives, and we can participate there too, but our mission focuses on individuals and local groups who have the courage to keep believing and fighting even in the midst of unimaginable suffering, even after being enslaved".
Recent Awards and Honors:
V-DAY TUSCON – Eve Ensler’s VDay Foundation honored TEN founder Sarah Symons for her work fighting violence against women, Feb. 2006
OMIDYAR.NET online community awarded TEN a $10,000 grant for our work, and for our participation in this online community of social entrepreneurs, March 2006
Church Women United Human Rights Award – April 2006
Sarah Symons
The Emancipation Network

Thursday, July 27, 2006

City Hall Fashion Show

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Paid extras for a major motion picture

OPEN CASTING CALL FOR EXTRAS FOR LAKESHORE ENTERTAINMENT'S FEATURE FILM: "THE FEAST OF LOVE". With Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Selma Blair. Filming in Portland August & September. Looking for 1,000 paid extras!! Real People, Over 18. OPEN CASTING CALL This Sunday, July 23rd: Noon & 2pm at the Clinton St. Theater: 2522 SE Clinton (corner of 25th & SE Clinton St). Casting Hotline: 503-299-4776. **If you are currently a member of Extras Only and signed up on the website, you DO NOT need to attend this casting call, you will contacted separately (probably in the next few days) about the film.